Bucket O’ Crawfish


Bucket O' Crawfish brings together Louisiana
nspired sauces with a West Coast Asian twist
for diners who love seafood and cajun cuisine
with both flavor and spice. The food isn't new
to Salt Lake City, Utah. Mai Nguyen and her family
have been catching crawfish at Strawberry Lake
for over 20 years. In 2009 Hanh Ngo, a Californian, approached Mai Nguyen about brings a
crawfish joint to Salt Lake City. With over 2
decades of fine-tuning the sauce, they partnered
to open Bucket O' Crawfish in 2010. Fast forward to present and you've got a City Weekly's Best Mess restaurant in Utah.

Recently in August of 2014, the second location
opened in Alameda, California and we are now
ready to share with you this unique dining

We combined freshwater crawfish flown in fresh
from Louisiana, shrimp, crabs, and a variety of
shellfish boiled in our secret broth, and doused
it with our extra special homemade sauce; Cajun,
garlic butter and lemon pepper. If you like it hot,
he sauces range from mild, to medium, hot, and
crazy hot. We serve the crispiest wings, calamari,
catfish and shrimp you can find around, with
plenty of additional sides to enjoy with an ice
cold beer or soda.

Don't's miss out on an amazing experience.
Come join us and see what the buzz is all about!